Diaspora Investing

To our Diaspora clients, we never forget about you.

Anyone outside the borders of Kenya but you are a Kenyan citizen we consider you our Diaspora investor. We give guidance every step of the way on acquiring your property of choice until finalization. We would like you to invest with us.

Here are the simple steps to follow in order to acquire property with us;

  • We send a soft copy of our brochure indicating all our projects through our email (sales@metrovillas.co.ke).
  • You select your project of choice, we then send a soft copy of the subdivision Map where you select your preferred plot number.
  • We organize a site visit where you send a representative to view on your behalf. We shall also take you to view when you come back to the country free of charge.
  • We send a soft copy of our Plot Booking Form where you fill in and email it back attached with your copy of ID within a period of 10 days.
  • We then provide the client with a copy of the Title Deed and a copy of the Mutation for you to conduct your due diligence through your contact person in Kenya.
  • You then select your payment process that is flexible to you.

We accept;

  1. A) Direct Bank Deposit
  2. B) EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  3. C) Personal cheque or banker’s cheque.
  4. D) Mpesa paybill.

We do not take cash.

  • After every payment we issue you our official receipt in soft then we file the hard copy safely for the client and give it to you when you’re back in the country.
  • You can either choose to pay in installments where by, you deposit 30% or more the balance within a period of 6 months.
  • We then issue you with a sale agreement in soft, you and your lawyer sign, keep your copy then email back our copy.
  • After our client is done with his/her payment we issue you a soft copy of our Plot Allotment Letter indicating we have allocated that plot to you. You sign your part, keep your copy then email
  • You then pay the legal costs of transfer to our lawyer. After which we submit all the documents to the lawyer and the process of Title transfer from Metrovillas to your name begins.
  • After verification the lawyer then submits all the complete documents to the Land Registry which takes approximately three months.
  • We then send a soft copy of the Title deed to our client .The client will collect the original Title deed from our office and sign a Title Issuance Form .If the client has an appointed person to collect the Title deed the person must provide a signed authorization letter instructing us to do so.

We make your journey of being a property owner enjoyable and hustle free.


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